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The provider of this rental contract shall be severable so that the unenforceability or waiver of the provisions shall not affect the remaining provisions.

Responsibility of Use & Disclaimer of Warranties

The signer of this document, to be referred to as the Renter, is responsible for the use of the rented items. Renter assumes all risks inherent to the operation and use of rented items and agrees to assume the entire responsibility for the defense of and to pay, indemnify and hold Centre Party Rental dba Big Ideas Party Rental harmless from and hereby release Centre Party Rental from all claims for damage to property or bodily injury, including death, resulting from the use, operation or possession of the rental items whether or not it be claimed or found that said damage or injury resulted in whole or part from the negligence of Centre Party Rental, from the defective condition of the items or any other cause. Renter agrees that no warranties expressed or implied, including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose have been made in connection with the rented equipment. Equipment Failure

Renter agrees to immediately discontinue the use of rented items should it at any time become unsafe or in a state of disrepair and immediately notify Centre Party Rental of the facts. Centre Party Rental agrees at our discretion to make the items operable within a reasonable time, provide a like item if available, make a like item available at another time or adjust rental charges.  This provision does not relieve the renter from the obligation of this contract. In all events Centre Party Rental shall not be responsible for injury or damage resulting from failure or defect of rented items.

Equipment Use

Renter covenants and agrees to be satisfied with the instruction and condition of the equipment rented and of the proper and safe use of equipment, or that renter is so familiar and conveyed such to Centre Party Rental. Renter further agrees that the items used will be used only at the address listed on the contract (invoice) and only for the purpose for which it was intended and manufactured. Subleasing or improper use is prohibited. Renter agrees they have read all instruction manuals, operating instructions and warnings related to rented items.

Equipment Responsibility

Renter is responsible for equipment from time of possession until time of return. Renter assumes the entire risk of loss regardless of cause. If items are lost, stolen or damaged, renter will assume all costs of replacement or repair including all labor costs.

Equipment Care

Renter shall pay a reasonable cleaning charge for items retuned dirty. Renter shall protect rented items from weather damage, breakage, unauthorized or improper use, theft or loss while in their possession.

Hold Harmless Agreement

Renter agrees to assume all risks and to hold Centre Party Rental and any of its staff harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, damages and all costs and expenses including attorneys’ fees arising directly or indirectly at or relating to: the delivery, loading, unloading, erection, installation, dismantling and use of rented equipment, contact of underground or above ground utilities, pipes or any condition on renter’s property, all necessary surface repairs, any injury or damage during use of rented equipment including inflatables and interactive.


Renter shall maintain at renter’s expense, liability, and property and casualty insurance coverage in the amount sufficient to fully protect Centre Party Rental and its equipment against any and all claims, loss or damage of whatever nature or type.

Permits and Licenses

Renter agrees to obtain at renter’s expense, any and all necessary permits, licenses and consents prior to any installation of rental equipment including tents.

Site Preparation

Renter agrees to have the site clean and ready for delivery and installation or dismantled for pick-up of the equipment. Renter agrees of pay an additional charge for any delay incurred along with labor charges resulting in renter’s failure to do so.

Subsurface Conditions

Renter agrees to obtain at renter’s expense the locating of underground utilities before delivery of rented items. Renter also agrees to reimburse Centre Party Rental for any additional costs incurred as a result of undisclosed or subsurface conditions.


Pricing is subject to change without notice. Prices represented on price list represent a one day rental period. Special rates will be given for rentals lasting longer than one day by making prior arrangements by contacting Centre Party Rental before customer pickup/delivery. A one day rental period includes customer pick up/delivery the day before the event, the rental for the day of the event and customer return/ pick up the day after the event.

Reservations and Security Deposit

To confirm rental items for your event date you must provide a minimum security deposit of 50% as well as read and sign a copy of the Rental Agreement. Items will remain a quote and not be reserved unless both of these criteria are met. Some exceptions may apply to Schools, Churches and businesses upon the discretion of Centre Party Rental. Security deposit will be forfeited if the reservation is cancelled. Payment

All orders are to be paid in full (7) days before the delivery date or at the time of customer pick up. Accepted payments are Cash, Personal/Company Check, Money Order, Visa or Master Card. Credit Card/Debit Card payments may be made over the phone. Check payments may be made by mail. All payments listed above may be made in person at the Centre Party Rental Showroom.  Items will not be delivered/released unless balance is paid in full and we have received a signed rental contract. Some exceptions may apply to Schools, Churches and businesses upon the discretion of Centre Party Rental.

Payment for Additional Costs Incurred

Renter shall pay all charges payable under this contract in advance provided however that all foregoing shall not limit the amount payable by renter hereunder and all additional costs incurred hereunder shall be paid immediately as such costs are incurred. If rental charges are not paid within (14) days of the due date, Centre Party Rental will calculate rental charges on a daily basis and charge credit card on file.

Service Charge and Returned Check Charge

All customers, including Schools, Churches and businesses at the discretion of Centre Party Rental will be charged a service charge of 2.0% per month on accounts not paid within 30 days after the event date. There will be a $35.00 charge on any returned checks for any reason.

Additional Charges

In addition to other charges and costs provided herein, renter shall pay charges in accordance with company rates then in effect for the following services: delivery and/or pick-up, delivery and/or pick- up from any location other than ground level, delivery and pick-up after business hours or on holidays, set-up and/or tear-down of tables and chairs, unreturned, missing or broken items, late returns, service calls and service charges.

Time of Return

Renter’s right of possession terminates upon the expiration of the rental period set forth in the contract. Any extension must be in writing. If items are not returned timely, rental rates shall continue until all items are returned.


Delivery and pick-up are available to the customer at an additional cost to be determined at the time of reservation. For a weekend event we may deliver as early as Tuesday depending on the scheduled workload for the weekend. If you are scheduled for a Friday delivery we may call you at the beginning of the week and move the delivery day up a day or two depending on the workload and weather conditions. We cannot guarantee and specific delivery/pick-up time. An additional fee may apply if a specific delivery/pick-up time is needed. Pick-ups that are scheduled for Monday may be pushed back to a later date due to inclement weather or high workload. If a customer pays to have tables and/or chairs set up we must receive a layout or drawing of the set-up at least one week before delivery. We may charge an additional fee if unable to deliver/pick-up on first attempt.

Prior to Pick-up or Return

Tables and chairs should be stacked in the same manner as they were delivered. If chair pallets were left, chairs need to be stacked on them. A fee may be charged to the credit card on file for un-stacked tables and chairs. All cooking, beverage and concession items should be cleaned.

Customer Pick-ups/Returns

Customers may pick-up and return most items from the Centre Party Rental showroom during normal business hours if they wish to avoid delivery/pick-up fees.  Items that are not available for pick-up include: all tents, Mt. Vernon gazebo, staging, bleachers, dunk tank and all inflatables.

Food/Beverage Machines

All food/beverage machines and fountains and grill require a clean-up deposit of $20 per machine. If machine or fountain is not clean when returned the clean-up deposit will be forfeited.


Centre Party Rental offers linens in a large variety of colors, sizes and fabrics. We only stock a limited number and size of white or black. Any colors or quantities we don’t offer will be special ordered from a linen company at least 7-10 days before the event to avoid rush delivery charges. If specialty linens are needed there will be an additional cost for: delivery/shipping to the Centre Party Rental showroom, a fuel surcharge and an environmental charge. Shipping costs vary depending on the dollar amount ordered. Before ordering specialty linens, payment must be made in full for the linens. Renter is responsible for paying to replace any damaged linens or linens not returned.


For the safety of both our customers and our tents, we prefer that they be staked either in grass or asphalt. If set-up is on concrete we will anchor them with water barrels as a last resort if no surrounding staking area is available. There will be an additional cost for the use of water barrels. A water source and a garden hose must be available. We reserve the right to refuse to install tents anchored by water barrels if inclement weather is expected. Customer assumes all responsibility for tents anchored by water barrels and is held liable for any damages or injuries associated with set-up. Set-up and tear-down fees are included in all tent pricing.

Staging & Flooring

When choosing a location for a stage or dance floor, the most level area should be selected. The stage legs have a   2 ½ inch adjustable foot that can be used for minimal leveling. The dance floor will need the base under it if used on grass, dirt, gravel or other unleveled surfaces. There is an additional cost for the base.


Renters are to abide by the rules and guidelines listed specifically for each inflatable unit and all items listed on the Inflatable Operating Instructions and Acknowledgement Waiver.  Units are not to be used with water. Do not operate in rain or high winds.

Returns- Final Inspection

Centre Party Rental reserves the right to modify charges for broken, missing, damaged or dirty items for final inspection for up to (7) days after items have been returned.

Inclement Weather

Should the event be postponed due to inclement weather the customer will be able to choose a new date as long as the items are available. If items are unavailable, similar replacement items will be substituted. Customer will be notified before substitutions are made. The new date must be within one year of the original event date.

Credit Card on File

Centre Party Rental may request that a valid credit card number be kept on file if needed for payment of additional costs incurred, returned check charge or additional charges previously listed.

Cancellation Policy

If the event is cancelled and a deposit has been paid, the deposit will not be refunded. The customer does however have the option to move the rental date or leave it as a credit to be used at a later date for different items. The new date must be within one year of the original event date.

Emergency Line

If renter does not attempt to contact Centre Party Rental at 330-308-5900 within one hour after experiencing a problem with a rental item, no refund, discount, etc. will be given. No exceptions.

  Centre Party Rental Dba Big Ideas Party Rental 2239 W. State St. P.O. Box 529 New Philadelphia, OH 44663 330-308-5900        rentaparty.net  info@rentaparty.net