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This could be a 10x10 or a 20x20 marquee tent. The 10x 10 is suitable for a single table that would seat eight to ten people. This size is also common for for a trade display at an outdoor function.The 20x20 is suitable for 4 round tables with 2 8ft banquet tables with seating for 40 or 6 banquet tables.  two of the banquet tables would be serving tables. Keep in mind that formal or wedding seating usually is 8 per table instead of 10 so the number drops to 32.  The style of chair can also make a difference. 

This is our 20 x 30 Marquee or "High Peak" tent.  This tent will seat 80 people and still allow space for two serving tables.  Again, keep in mind that formal or wedding seating reduces that number.

This is our 30x30 marquee tent.  In this image we have chained two tents together to form a 30 x 60 tent and have added the optional sides. As a side note the chairs shown are our padded fanbacks.

This is an example of our 40 ft hex shaped tent.  We have added 2 20 x 20 tents to make a gallery arrangement for this wedding ceremony.

As you can see from this view, the 20x20 tents can be chained together to make a 20x40 tent with no interior poles.  This is a very popular configuration for larger graduation parties.  In this case the tent was used with our padded fanback chairs for a building dedication.  This setup will handle up to 100 people seated at tables.