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This is our Marquee Style of tent. These tents come in various sizes including 10x10, 10x20, 20x20, 20 x30 and 30x30.We highly recommend this style of tent for most functions.  They are free standing frame tents without center poles.  They are suitable for both grass and blacktop or concrete surfaces. We can anchor them with either stakes or water barrels. 

This is our Clear Span Tent.  This tent requires a very flat area to work properly and must be staked to the ground.  This tent is 50 feet wide can expand from 40 feet to 60 or 80 ft.

This is an example of a 40ft wide pole tent.  These tents are anchored with stakes and suspended with center poles.  They work best in grassy areas.  We have on occasion erected them on hard surface using concrete barriers for anchors.  We do not supply the barriers. 

We also have an inventory of older frame style tents.  We primarily use these tents for festivals and fairs.  They work well for protection from the elements but are not recommended for more formal events.